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Car Shipping Guide

We are here to help answer any questions you may have about getting a car shipped for the first time. Almost every car on the road has been transported by a vehicle shipper at some point in its life. They do have to get delivered to the dealerships after all. It can be an easy, enjoyable experience with the right help. We are here to get you started. When you are ready we can give you a free on-line quote.

We recommend getting multiple quotes so you can insure that you are getting the best price possible. Research your options. 

After you have chosen the car moving company, there are a few simple things to keep in mind. Prepare your car for shipment.  

          1.Wash Your Car.

          2. Take Photos of Existing Damage.

          3. Remove Valuable Products.

          4. Remove or Secure Loose Parts. 

          5. Maintenance Check Before Shipment. 

          6. Leave 1/4 Tank Of Gas In Your Vehicle.

          7. Extra Set of Keys.

Wash Your Car

Wash Your Car

Preparing your vehicle for transport:

  1. Make sure it is clean of any personal items

  2. Only leave a 1/4 tank of fuel

  3. Both front seats and front seat floorboards must be empty and free.

  4. The total weight of the goods must not exceed 100 pounds and can be placed in the trunk.

    • Prohibited items include drugs, alcohol, explosives, firearms, flammable items, and/or anything illegal. 

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