Frequently Asked Questions

What criteria do you use for acceptance?

Students who have the desire to work hard at a college-preparatory level and the capability to attend school on a regular basis.

Are there types of students that William & Reed Academy is not equipped to serve?

William & Reed Academy is not equipped to serve students who: ● have a diagnosis of severe anxiety or depression ● find it difficult to attend school on a regular basis ● are challenged to follow behavioral expectations ● choose to put forward little effort or take responsibility ● want a home school approach with take-home curriculum packets

When is the application deadline?

William & Reed Academy operates on a rolling-admission system. Applications are accepted until spring break for the current school year and at any time for the next school year.

What is the ideal grade level for enrollment availability?

Availability for space decreases as students get older and feel the impact of not learning at school and having to teach yourself when you get home. Enrolling in middle school will allow your child to be surrounded by peers and teachers who will encourage and support them as they develop confidence and discover their potential.

Are there any future plans for the school campus?

William & Reed Academy enrollment continues to grow. We currrently have limited capacity and look forward to a permanent campus in the next few years.

Can I enroll my child during the school year?

Yes, if there is availability in the grade level and we are equipped to serve your child's need. You are asked to take an admission tour and schedule a shadow date for your child to see if William & Reed Academy is a good fit. Application materials are then requested to understand more about your child's learning needs before an acceptance decision is made.

Are scholarships available?

Limited funds are available for need-based scholarships for William & Reed Academy students through the Georgia Student Scholarship Organization (GaSSO).

What payment options do you provide?

Families are given three payment options. They can choose to pay annually, by the semester, or monthly.