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Mini Vacation

Mini Vacation

I was up in NJ for a little mini vacation. Due to Hurricane Florence, the roads were flooded and I needed to get back to work in Florida. I did not want to leave my car behind, so I thought the safest thing would be for me to fly back to Florida and ship my car. I researched carriers for my Pilot and found the Mt Olive Auto Transport. Linda called me and walked me through the process and made things so much easier. She was very reassuring and actually took the time to listen to my concerns. Pilot was picked up today and I can be reunited next week in Florida. Very honest and reasonably priced company. Would recommend them! K. Avia

Carrier with ramps

Shipped Quickly!

My car shipped quickly. Linda was upfront and communicated very clearly what to expect. The price did go up a little once she found a driver, but she explained why the driver needed a higher rate (because my car takes up two spots). They were very professional and efficient! This is kind of a nerve racking industry, with lots of people scamming and failing to get cars picked up, but I had no issues with Linda and would recommend Mt Olive Auto Transport. C. Gallen

We Made It

We Made It!

Linda had our suv make it safely to our new home location in Marietta Ga. Our suv broke down . The company was understanding and rescheduled our pick up several times due to car trouble. Once we got the car going and it was available for a pick up again. It was a matter of a day or so she got us a great carrier. I was very pleased with the customer service that was provided by Linda/ Thanks so much for all your help. M. Crittle

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